Sunday, May 22, 2005

Day 1

Matt & I went to Winco this morning and picked up some stuff for the 30 day challenge. A loaf of "hearty grain" bread, 18 eggs and 10 no-fat, 90cal, ultrahealthymighttastelikedogdoo yogurt. (it's actually pretty tasty.) So I had some yogurt & granola, plus some eggs & unbuttered toast for breakfast.

lunch was some saltines and a bowl of Tad's chicken/corn/ham soup. Mmm mmm good!

dinner was scrambled eggs w/cheese and some granola.

so far so good. props to my roomie matt (on the same deal, we're partners in pain) who endured a smorgasbord of food @ the Rohrs (spaghetti, garlic bread, pies) and only ate salad. What a champ. Me...well I endured the offer of a chocolate chip cookie. That's about the extent of it...on to day 2!


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