Sunday, May 15, 2005

Evil, just evil!

Satan is vicious. Let that set a preface for the rest of this post :p because that's the way I feel right now! Last night was a lot of fun, had a bbq with friends, played tennis and went up to the park to have ice cream. It was a blast! But...for some reason on the walk home I just came under attack. Satan is so difficult in that way - he attacks you when you're most vunerable and at your weakest spot. On the way home I just felt worthless! It was so hard to see how, but for some reason on the way home it was me vs. the world, and I was a tiny, insignificant piece of human being fighting against giants. I was bombarded to believe that I was not good enough, that everything was crashing and burning around me - it was intense, in ways that I had not felt for weeks. I came home and immediately went to bed, praying that I would have the faith in Christ to overcome this - that He would strengthen me because I know in my heart that I am a child of the Most High, and to Him, the most important and special thing in the world (what a feeling!) But alas, in the morning I woke up again under bombardment. Luckily my roomate Matt came in the room and we just prayed for release - prayer to banish the great Deciever, Satan. And praise the Lord, banished he is. Take that. I can feel the pressing lies again at my door, even as I write this, but through God's grace I don't have to listen - I'm blessed by that. Praise the Lord! once again, real life proof that a little time on your knees before your Creator can solve even the smallest things.


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aaah totally know what you mean.

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