Sunday, May 08, 2005

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Alright. So as previously mentioned, this weekend was an awesome time with not only my bro matt, God's creation and eating tasty fish, it was an awesome time with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I've been working through a lot of issues lately, mainly self-esteem and all that, plus life was just getting me down (as it does all of us at times) and I just had to get away. This trip really did that for me. Let me get out there and in the peace and quiet, seperate from all the junk that our materialistic world throws at us, be at peace with God and figure out exactly(as far as i can reckon it) what He wants me to do, who He wants me to be, and soforth. A great thing indeed. The logical following to this is, what did I learn? A great many things indeed. Getting out there was just a chance to see what grace, what love, what joy we can have in the Lord, and most definitely what grace, love and joy He has for us!!! It has been difficult the last few weeks to visualize that with all that's been going on. But that's what this weekend really taught me. When I get down, when I get frustrated with who I am - I've got to remember that in all reality, this world and all within are just a shadow of the truth, and that all judgements of men, all standards set by them are just that - standards of men! Is this what we should strive for? Should we strive or the praises of men, whose lives are "dust to dust" and "mist in the wind?" Why? The truth is, the opinions of men just don't matter!!! God's opinion, God's purpose for your life, and God's judgement is what matters. How quickly and easily in this world we can all fall victim to wanting to please men! It's natural. You and me both, we desire to please our peers, but in's irrelevant. We should strive for God's goals. Sounds simple, but it's hard to keep in mind. The amazing thing about it though, is that once we find ourselves really reaching for what God wants, and attaining what God wants, the approval of man, of our peers, will fall into place. Not to say that everyone on this earth will love you. Some will hate you for what you believe, and that is just the way the devil works on this earth. Man. Just typing this out makes me want to really reach for God's goals, God's approval, and to laugh in the face of mankind. Because who really cares about all that? Looks, money, power, fame - it's all gonna burn. What would you rather have on your tombstone? "He was a man who had God's heart" (a.k.a. King David) or "He was a great success among men." (a.k.a. Bill Gates) What would you rather be when you reach heaven and meet God face to face? What are you going to want Him to say? "Well done, good and faithful servant" or "Well, you made a lot of money...but what did you do for me?" I'd rather be the good and faithful servant. So that's what I'm striving for :) to be the good and faithful servant, concerned about not only the heavenly matters, but the heavenly ATTITUDE. Not just thinking about the eternal, but focusing on being yourself in God's eyes - being who he made you to be! Not to conform to what this world wants. Not to buy the abercrombie clothes because they are in style, but to reject them because their catalogue is glorified soft-core porn (i'll rant on that later...yeah I vow never to wear A&F.) But also when someone doesn't accept you for who you are, to just realize that they are simply missing out on what a great person you are in Christ. Not what a great person you are in comparison to the world's standards, for that does not matter. What matters is who you are in Christ, the rest will fall in line later. Regardless, this is the new attitude I plan to adopt, and I hope after reading this, you might also feel this way. And to cap it all off - I'm tired. So I think i'm going to collapse into bed, it's been a long but awesome weekend. Keep it real folks...keep it real.


Blogger Josh said...

When being "god minded" becomes hard is when you have to chose between something good and something better. Take my spring break for example. I went a jr. high missions trip as a conselor, which is a 'good thing to do'. But i went because i thought it would be fun for me. I didn't have god's ideas in mind, and in that respect i failed. Now, i think god wanted me to be there, but if i had gone in there with the attitude of "im giving my spring break up to completely do what god wants" instead of "hecks yeah this is going to be a fun trip" i would have been able to see gods plan for that week a whole lot easier than i did. Boycotting AF is one thing, but doing good things isnt always good either.

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