Sunday, May 22, 2005

Healthisize me?

Completely random here folks. Ok, so my roomates recently watched "Super-size Me." Not that I regularly eat at Micky-D's, but you know, it's freaky anyway. So this weekend my roomie Matt had an epiphany. Why not, instead of eating pure crap for 30 days, eat pure goodness for 30 days and see what the difference was? Well, being the friend that I am, and the silly phool I am as well, I decided to join him in his quest, and bring it to you LIVE ON NATIONAL INTERWEB-NET-COM. We'll be eating such things as yogurt, peanuts, granola and oatmeal, fish & chicken, plus other rabbit-food type stuff. We'll update you on what's going on, we're going to do, and how things have progressed healthwise (i.e. heartrate, blood pressure, etc.) and let you know how it ends up(certainly better than Supersize me, I doubt that the 'doc is gonna say we're doomed. :p Check back for updates!


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