Sunday, May 08, 2005

This weekend in short...

So this weekend was a time of facing challenges and definitely getting a new perspective on things. It's been difficult the last few weeks I'll tell ya. But anyway, more about that in my next post. This weekend was awesome. On a whim I was able to go camping/fishing up on Mt. Hood with my roomate & close bro matt. It was a sweet time! We got to fish all day and sleep for long hours at our tasty fish goodness saturday night and really get a chance to see God's beauty at Harriet Lake, and just bask in His presence! It is such a blessing from the Lord that I could go. I even threw in some pictures for you! P.S. - do all blog thingys have issues!? I can't upload the pictures correctly even with all their fancy gadgets - so i did it the old fashioned way, OSU FTP! wewt.

our catch!:

our camp:

fryin' fish!:

matt, big pimpin' as usual:

me throwin' on a bit more johnnys:


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