Friday, July 08, 2005

Long time, busy life

Alrighty blog readers...

first of all, i apologize for the lack of an update. However, I promise that there is good reason for this. Just last sunday, the RHCC team came down from Oregon. My life since June 29th has consisted of preparing for the entire month of July. Beginning on Wednesday the 29th, I started visiting the ranches (satellite churches) all day, taking pictures of various needs for construction and other things. That took all day. Then, Sunday the 3rd of July, the RHCC team arrived. Quickly, my days became full. Breakfast at 8am, then off to work sites to paint, pour concrete, and dig a ditch in dirt that was half solid rock, half concrete (or so it seemed.) Then in the evenings, we went to more ranches to show the Jesus film and a puppet ministry for the children. Returning at 9-10pm, we collapse into bed, ready for another day. Things being this way, I apologize for the lack of time spent updating you all about my goings-on, but I hope you realize that the time has been well spent doing God's work!!! It is a blast having the team down here. I get to be much more of myself, given that when i solely speak spanish I cannot be quite the joker that I like to I am not as comfortable with the people, but I'm getting there! With the RHCC team down here, things have become more interesting. Example? Well, today was going perfectly normal...we were packing up for the day, we had been painting Pastor Antonio's house. It was time to wash the brushes and be on our way. Now, understand me, I did not start this. Seve came up behind me and swish swish, proceeded to paint my arms. Retaliation being in my nature, she soon found herself the recipient of 5 gallons of water from a bucket. Fun? Of course. Also, just to let you all know, it is rediculously hot down here. Yesterday, reports have it, up to 115º F here. That's hotter than anywhere I've ever been in my life. So what did Josh and I do? We slept on the roof of our host family's house, because inside was like an oven. Outside was heavenly. Perfect temperature, stars (through the pollution haze) and about the best night's sleep I've had since coming here. I am having a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the summer. Thank you again for all your support and prayer! I want to apologize for the lack of photos on this update, but last night there was an overflow of the bathroom next to my bedroom at my host family's, and my laptop was liberally doused with water. Not a good situation. I am ferverently praying that it will be OK. I took it all apart and separated the pieces and have them drying in this rediculously hot weather, and given that it is not humid, my hope is that the air will suck up the water and my laptop will be just fine. I'll find out tonight when i put it all back together, but everyone please pray for it! If it is fried I am not sure what I will do, so pray for answers to that question as well. Again, thank you all for your support and I will get pictures up as soon as possible! ¡Dios le bendigan! (God bless you all)


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