Tuesday, July 19, 2005

photo fiend

well friends and family, I'm here to grant you all the gift of more photos! Pictures say a thousand words, and I'm too tired to type! Plus I know everyone loves photos - so here you go!! I've recently had the opportunity to take a whole lot, now that the Michigan team is here and Vacation Bible School has started, photos are what I do! For example, I took 255 photos today alone...got carried away I guess :) Here are 14 of my favorite photos, all from Vacation Bible School, except for 2 of the Michigan Team. As always, click on the photos to make them bigger!!

Setting foundations for flooring in the San Jose church:

Preparing to pour concrete:

Kids getting out and ready for VBS in Gomez Palacio:

Kids at the mic, VBS in Gomez Palacio:

2 Cute kids at VBS in Gomez Palacio:

Group of kids with Luis at VBS, Gomez Palacio:

VBS Class, Gomez Palacio:

Me! pictures of me never happen! With Paola, one of the VBS teachers:

Alex, VBS kid (he's mexican I promise):

VBS kids with Samuel, Pastor Antonio's son:

Elias, Pastor Antonio's grandson, reaching for my camera (He loves to take photos):

Group of girls at Gomez Palacio VBS:

More VBS kids, Gomez Palacio:

All 200+ kids at the Gomez Palacio VBS, praising Jesus!:


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