Thursday, August 25, 2005

Internet has returned!!

Well, almost 2 weeks after paying Megacable, they have decided to acknowledge that fact and turn the internet back on! Hurray! Just a short update for y'all, I havn't been doing much these last few days, except for helping Antonio move from his old house to his new one. It's been an interesting job, thats for sure. But we finally finished last night at around midnight (finished moving out of the old house that is - now everything has to go to the new one! argh!) However, things have been fun, but I have to admit, I'm looking forward to heading home in 9ish days. Some pictures for you all, cuz I know you love 'em - these are of the "Camp day" we had for the youth. It was a blast - and though I have no photographic evidence - I stepped in a Mexican river! I'm waiting for the 500 different diseases to set in and end my life, but so far God's protected me (I didn't swim, I just went up to my ankles :p) It was a fun day, and the kids had a blast. As always, click to make them larger!

Playing kickball:

More kickball:

Headed for left field!:

Playing in the pool(a rarity of great proportions for these kids):

Ready to take on the world!:

Checking out shells in the river:

Enjoying the "river" - more of a creek:


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Good to know that ISPs are terrible everywhere...

Hey all, I know when I last wrote I said I would be working on a webpage, but up to this point, I havn{t had the opportunity! Seems that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are terrible all over the world. Megacable, the provider here, will not acknowledge the fact that we have paid, and so we have spent 4 days on the phone with them trying to get them to understand. So we continue trying I supppose, but until then, I cannot do much webpage making, eh? I am writing this from the local internet cafe, but it is just too much to try and build a whole webpage from here. Anyway, just thought I would update you all - things are going well - I have 15 days left here! I cannot believe it either. Seems so short - yet so long too. :) I can't wait to get back to the states and see you all - though I know once I am back I will long to return here to Torreon as well. Thank you all again for your support and prayers! See you all in 2 weeks!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Last 3 weeks

Well Damas y Caballeros (Ladies and Gentlemen),
I am down to my last 3 weeks (exactly) here in the country of Mexico. This last week has been pretty slow (for me) but for Pastor Antonio, it was busy busy busy - he married off his daughter Lydia yesterday (Friday) in a very nice ceremony. Of course, as I didn't do much else this week other than help prepare for that, I've got some beautiful wedding photos for you all :) Next week begins the web page work, and I'll let you all know the address so you can see the progress. I miss you all - see you in 3 weeks! As always - click on a picture to make it bigger!

Antonio Gomez and his daughter Lydia:

Marco and his bride, Lydia Gomez:

It's official!:

Cutting the cake:

The wedding group (Family, bridesmaids, groomsmen):

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A little update...

Sorry all, I know I've been spoiling you all with oodles of pictures, but this week is rather boring. Not much is going on here in Gomez Palacio/Torreon...Really. This week is a chill-out week, though at the end Pastor Antonio's daughter, Lydia, is getting married, so I am sure there will be plenty of pictures of that at the end of the week! So though I am not busy, I am sure Antonio and his family are. Be praying for them!! Next week, and for my last 3 weeks here, I will be building the webpage for the church, ministry and the Special Education school. I will give you all more details on that once it gets started, for sure. Anyway, God bless you all back home, thank you all so much for your prayers and support!!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Adventuras en la Ciudad de Mexico!

Hey everyone! I just got back from Mexico City, Mexico! What an amazing trip! 45ish people from our church travelled to the great city for 4 days. We went to a country-wide church conference called "The Fires of Evangelism" put on by the Baptist Church of Mount Zion in Mexico City. Thousands attended 4 days of speaking by many different pastors from both the United States and Mexico. It was amazing to see God work here - a normal day consisted of 3 preaching sessions. Everything started at 8:30am, and there were 4 1-hour sermons intermixed with worship until about 1pm. We had lunch until 2, and then had more sermons until about 5, then another hour for dinner, then at 6pm there were 3 more sermons until around 9-10pm. Approximately 10 sermons a day!! How many of you can say you have sat through 40 sermons in a 4 day period?! How many of us can say that we think we COULD actually sit through that much preaching? However, God was doing such an amazing work - every preacher was amazing - on fire for the LORD! I sat through these long hours and yet never fell asleep, even when the speakers were talking in spanish and I could not understand what they were saying! The LORD was amazing. The trip down was an adventure in itself - 16+ hours in a bus is enough to drive anyone crazy! But we had fun anyway. Much like all church trips, there was a party in the back of the bus - we were all singing crazy spanish songs and playing crazy spanish games - I didn't understand 1/2 of it, but that is ok. While there, most of our days were spent at the church, but we did take some time to venture out into Mexico City - and now I can say I have seen MORE famous places in Mexico than in my own stinking country! I saw their Supreme Court Building, I went inside where the Mexican Congress meets, and I saw the Presidential Palace, as well as the humongous Cathedral. I have never seen the USA capitol - interesting, no? But a fun trip nonetheless. I took my Digital Rebel - I can't believe I actually carried $1000+ worth of camera equipment around with me in Mexico City, on the Metro Subway and everything - but God blessed and it is all in one piece, as am I (again, thanks to God.) I didn't even get pick-pocketed, being the big, white, blonde, blue-eyed American target that I am!! On the way back, we stopped in Leon, which is famous for it's leather products - things are amazingly cheap and I swear, it is a girl's dream location. There is literally a 10-square block area that is ENTIRELY SHOE STORES. I have never seen so many shoes in my life. I swear a woman could find any shoe she wanted there. Boots, sandals, tennis shoes, dress shoes, cowboy boots, you name it, they had it. And rediculously cheap too. However, I don't need shoes, so I just bought a nice leather wallet to replace my worn out quiksilver one. About $7.50 for this really nice leather wallet - I love Mexico! We then continued the ride home, which was hard, cuz it was so long, but I got some fitful sleep in the bus chairs - more comfortable than an airline, but not much, now I know what it'd be like to fly to Austrailia or something. Anyway, I know you are all waiting for the pictures and I have A LOT! So be ready folks - 56K warning, you might want to go to an internet cafe or something...:) Love you all and I can't wait to see you in about 3 weeks!!!
Who says I don't take care of the folks back home?! 24 Photos, all for you!!! Remember, click on them to make them bigger!! Leave comments or email me, I appreciate all the communication!!

Mexico City subway - So full, you couldn't move, literally:

The monument to the children soldiers of Mexico who died fighting for freedom:

Pastor Antonio preaching at the conference:

Me in the Mexico Congressional room:

Mexico Congressional Room:

Left Side of the Mexico Congressional room:

Right side of the Mexico Congressional room:

The group that visited the city famous sights in the courtyard of the Palace:

The Catholic Cathedral in Mexico City:

Entrance to the Mexico City Metro Subway:

Me and others in front of the Monument to the Children Soldiers:

A mariachi in, where else, Mariachi Square:

The Latin-American tower, once the largest in Latin America:

An Indian (probably Aztec) dancer in the Mexico City square:

A book of the laws and decisions made by the Mexican Congress in 1856:

Outside of the Mexico Presidential Palace:

Pastor Antonio translating:

The crowd at the conference - there was a whole seperate balcony, full as well:

The Mount Zion church Choir:

Pastor Salazar translating:

The Mount Zion Rondalla(a type of music) band:

The Ruella sisters, friends from my church in Gomez-Palacio:

Paola, one of the Ruella sisters, asleep on the shoulder of Bety on the bus:

A photo of me taken by Bety on the bus - man I look silly but oh well: