Saturday, August 06, 2005

Adventuras en la Ciudad de Mexico!

Hey everyone! I just got back from Mexico City, Mexico! What an amazing trip! 45ish people from our church travelled to the great city for 4 days. We went to a country-wide church conference called "The Fires of Evangelism" put on by the Baptist Church of Mount Zion in Mexico City. Thousands attended 4 days of speaking by many different pastors from both the United States and Mexico. It was amazing to see God work here - a normal day consisted of 3 preaching sessions. Everything started at 8:30am, and there were 4 1-hour sermons intermixed with worship until about 1pm. We had lunch until 2, and then had more sermons until about 5, then another hour for dinner, then at 6pm there were 3 more sermons until around 9-10pm. Approximately 10 sermons a day!! How many of you can say you have sat through 40 sermons in a 4 day period?! How many of us can say that we think we COULD actually sit through that much preaching? However, God was doing such an amazing work - every preacher was amazing - on fire for the LORD! I sat through these long hours and yet never fell asleep, even when the speakers were talking in spanish and I could not understand what they were saying! The LORD was amazing. The trip down was an adventure in itself - 16+ hours in a bus is enough to drive anyone crazy! But we had fun anyway. Much like all church trips, there was a party in the back of the bus - we were all singing crazy spanish songs and playing crazy spanish games - I didn't understand 1/2 of it, but that is ok. While there, most of our days were spent at the church, but we did take some time to venture out into Mexico City - and now I can say I have seen MORE famous places in Mexico than in my own stinking country! I saw their Supreme Court Building, I went inside where the Mexican Congress meets, and I saw the Presidential Palace, as well as the humongous Cathedral. I have never seen the USA capitol - interesting, no? But a fun trip nonetheless. I took my Digital Rebel - I can't believe I actually carried $1000+ worth of camera equipment around with me in Mexico City, on the Metro Subway and everything - but God blessed and it is all in one piece, as am I (again, thanks to God.) I didn't even get pick-pocketed, being the big, white, blonde, blue-eyed American target that I am!! On the way back, we stopped in Leon, which is famous for it's leather products - things are amazingly cheap and I swear, it is a girl's dream location. There is literally a 10-square block area that is ENTIRELY SHOE STORES. I have never seen so many shoes in my life. I swear a woman could find any shoe she wanted there. Boots, sandals, tennis shoes, dress shoes, cowboy boots, you name it, they had it. And rediculously cheap too. However, I don't need shoes, so I just bought a nice leather wallet to replace my worn out quiksilver one. About $7.50 for this really nice leather wallet - I love Mexico! We then continued the ride home, which was hard, cuz it was so long, but I got some fitful sleep in the bus chairs - more comfortable than an airline, but not much, now I know what it'd be like to fly to Austrailia or something. Anyway, I know you are all waiting for the pictures and I have A LOT! So be ready folks - 56K warning, you might want to go to an internet cafe or something...:) Love you all and I can't wait to see you in about 3 weeks!!!
Who says I don't take care of the folks back home?! 24 Photos, all for you!!! Remember, click on them to make them bigger!! Leave comments or email me, I appreciate all the communication!!

Mexico City subway - So full, you couldn't move, literally:

The monument to the children soldiers of Mexico who died fighting for freedom:

Pastor Antonio preaching at the conference:

Me in the Mexico Congressional room:

Mexico Congressional Room:

Left Side of the Mexico Congressional room:

Right side of the Mexico Congressional room:

The group that visited the city famous sights in the courtyard of the Palace:

The Catholic Cathedral in Mexico City:

Entrance to the Mexico City Metro Subway:

Me and others in front of the Monument to the Children Soldiers:

A mariachi in, where else, Mariachi Square:

The Latin-American tower, once the largest in Latin America:

An Indian (probably Aztec) dancer in the Mexico City square:

A book of the laws and decisions made by the Mexican Congress in 1856:

Outside of the Mexico Presidential Palace:

Pastor Antonio translating:

The crowd at the conference - there was a whole seperate balcony, full as well:

The Mount Zion church Choir:

Pastor Salazar translating:

The Mount Zion Rondalla(a type of music) band:

The Ruella sisters, friends from my church in Gomez-Palacio:

Paola, one of the Ruella sisters, asleep on the shoulder of Bety on the bus:

A photo of me taken by Bety on the bus - man I look silly but oh well:


Blogger Raggedy Anna Bell said...

Hey...I was just looking through random blogs, and I came across yours. I looked at it for only about 1 minute and I could see that you were a strong christian with amazing faith in God. I honestly can say that I would NEVER be able to make it through 40 sermons in 4 days, and it's amazing to see that you did. My heart was touched by just reading your blog. :)

5:35 PM

Blogger Josh said...

holy crapzor i still cant remember those chicas names... geez...

i so wish i was still there dude, you dont even know.

5:37 PM

Anonymous Boring said...

Dude those are some sweet pics, especially the last one of you. It's so awesome to hear what you're up to, and I'm prayin that He'll continue to bless you the remainder of your travels. Next time we talk I have some great stories to share with you about the Peak

7:19 PM


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