Thursday, August 25, 2005

Internet has returned!!

Well, almost 2 weeks after paying Megacable, they have decided to acknowledge that fact and turn the internet back on! Hurray! Just a short update for y'all, I havn't been doing much these last few days, except for helping Antonio move from his old house to his new one. It's been an interesting job, thats for sure. But we finally finished last night at around midnight (finished moving out of the old house that is - now everything has to go to the new one! argh!) However, things have been fun, but I have to admit, I'm looking forward to heading home in 9ish days. Some pictures for you all, cuz I know you love 'em - these are of the "Camp day" we had for the youth. It was a blast - and though I have no photographic evidence - I stepped in a Mexican river! I'm waiting for the 500 different diseases to set in and end my life, but so far God's protected me (I didn't swim, I just went up to my ankles :p) It was a fun day, and the kids had a blast. As always, click to make them larger!

Playing kickball:

More kickball:

Headed for left field!:

Playing in the pool(a rarity of great proportions for these kids):

Ready to take on the world!:

Checking out shells in the river:

Enjoying the "river" - more of a creek:



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