Saturday, August 13, 2005

Last 3 weeks

Well Damas y Caballeros (Ladies and Gentlemen),
I am down to my last 3 weeks (exactly) here in the country of Mexico. This last week has been pretty slow (for me) but for Pastor Antonio, it was busy busy busy - he married off his daughter Lydia yesterday (Friday) in a very nice ceremony. Of course, as I didn't do much else this week other than help prepare for that, I've got some beautiful wedding photos for you all :) Next week begins the web page work, and I'll let you all know the address so you can see the progress. I miss you all - see you in 3 weeks! As always - click on a picture to make it bigger!

Antonio Gomez and his daughter Lydia:

Marco and his bride, Lydia Gomez:

It's official!:

Cutting the cake:

The wedding group (Family, bridesmaids, groomsmen):


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