Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Next Project - $9 Custom Case

Well, I'm back again with another White Trash Mod *TM*. Last time we saw the amazing Plywood, Wall-Mounted computer. This week, I decided to spice my life up a bit. Put it on fire, if you will. I am building a new computer. The issue at hand is, I'm a poor college student. Like, if i get hungry on a night when food isn't provided for me, I just might go eat what i can find outside in the dumpsters. (Ok, not really, but it's close to that.) Anyway, being the poor schmoe that I am, I was at a loss when building this new PC. I didn't have money for a case! Alas! What's a poor boy to do?! Call his friends of course. My trusty homeboy Josh happened to have a spare plain 'ol beige computer case sitting around. And by sitting, I mean scattered in parts across his room, and we spent about 10 minutes just finding the darn pieces for it. But, it's plain white! How can I stick my new l337 system in a white case? It just ain't natural I tell ya! So I took my sorry self on down to fred-meyer and picked up a few rattle cans, determined to beat the odds and have a smokin' machine, both inside and out. 2 days and 2 cans of spraypaint later, my new beast was finished.

Workin' on the flames layer:

Workin' on the flames layer:

Right side:

Left side:


Hey. It ain't a Falcon-NW or Voodoo Automotive-paint uber job...But I'd say it's pretty awesome...for $9.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you have a couple of pics of the white trash computer?

10:03 AM


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